Devs.LT is a platform which uses the AI-based engine and data-driven algorithms to help companies find a matching developer in a couple of clicks.

How do we do it?

We preselect developers for our platform by the background check and mandatory oral interview. It gives us an opportunity, on the one hand, to maintain the pretty high level of IT-talents on the platform, and on the other hand, we find out personal details about developer: what he is really looking for (in terms of preferred stack, team, and industry), what motivates him, and so on, which helps us to match the candidate with the right company.

We preselect the companies as well, we want to be sure, that our developers are protected. In addition to this, each company has an internal profile with details about their corporate culture, vacancies, actions on the platform, etc, and our smart search uses this data.

Why do we do it?

We believe that diversity matters (and McKinsey proves it) and that the companies with international teams are more effective. We build the future of recruitment, which starts from the personality of the candidate and is based on cognitive computing technologies.

Some more facts.

We work with more than 1500 pre-selected software developers and 300+ trusted companies in 40 markets.

We are an HR-partner of Vilnius Tech Park and a proud member of Lithuanian Startup Ecosystem, we're deeply involved in educational/social activities, working with juniors, events organization, mentoring and consulting.

Information for investors.

We are currently raising a seed round. If you are interested, please, contact our BDO Sandra at

Looking for more information?

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