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How does it work?

Register, get verified by our manager, fill in your company's profile, browse the candidates and message them directly.

Why do I need to fill in my corporate profile?

You don't have to, but there are two reasons to do it. Firstly, it will make your search results more relevant, our engine uses all the data. Secondly, developers see your profile, when you message. It's a good option to sell your company to a candidate.

What kind of developers do you have?

Local and remote candidates, and those, who want to relocate to your country. And we also have freelancers and small teams to join your projects.

What are the minimal requirements for developers?

At least 3 years of experience with the main stack, good oral and written English skills, transparent working background.

How much do you charge?

We charge the success fee once. It's 9% of the annual salary of the candidate. No additional fees.

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